Finalit at the pyramids and the Sphinx

The historic stones were professionally cleaned and impregnated by the Finalit Team in Cairo.

This does not only give the stone its cleanliness, but also an effective, breathable, UV and salt-resistant protection against graffiti as well as long-term protection. "The special conditions resulting from extreme heat, constant winds as well as the high environmental pollution in Cairo deteriorate the lime stone. We can restore and conserve the stone optimally" says Margit Leidinger, managing director of Finalit.

Millions of tourists every year leave behind traces of abrasion and colourful graffiti. Rubber soles or graffiti, Finalit products can deal with all of thatEven stubborn stains can be removed.

Finalit has been described as an  "Austrian growth miracle with power and heart" - a fact we are proud of!

Results such as special cleaning, long-term & anti-slip protection and the restored life to natural stone & porcelain/ceramic tile have contributed to making Finalit the market leader in innovation, technology, protection, care and service.

Apart from international and national references we service commercial, residential and industrial clients alike.

Egypt's most famous actor, Omar Sharif, is also interested in the Finalit work on Egypt´s antiquities. In their personal meeting in Cairo, Omar Sharif and Margit Leidinger talked about the glorious past and bright future of Egypt.

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