Finalit has provided a sound footing for imparting the knowledge required by users of Finalit products with its own training facility, the "Finalit Academy". It offers 1-day and 2-day training courses. The goal of the Finalit Academy is to transfrom specialists and interested persons into experts and problem solvers

After the very first training course, participants are already able to remove stains, soiling, efflorescence, joint edge discolourations, dull spots and much more by themselves. In addition, the Finalit training graduate knows how to give surfaces the correct long-lasting protection that will prevent further problems

Topics of the 2-day Theory & Practice training course:

  • Brief introduction to petrology
  • Prevention - Pretreatment to avoid efflorescence and stains 
  • Correct cleaning, stain removal, protection and care 
  • Problem stones & porcelain/ceramic tiles brought along to the course will be dealt with directly in the academy 
  • Certificate of Participation

Training schedules at a glance