The professionals for castle and palace renovations

The restoration, cleaning, impregnation and maintenance of natural stones in castles and similar historical buildings (palaces, churches) require a lot of experience and expertise. Some of the natural stone surfaces are very old and are supposed to be treated with the appropriate care. Particularly in the case of listed buildings, the specifications must be carefully observed.

Many years of know-how and our tried and tested products authorize us to clean and protect buildings like this. One example is the beautiful Reichenstein Castle in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (Unesco World Heritage Site), where we have renovated, cleaned and impregnated all historical floors, stairs and columns made of various natural stones in the local museum.

Specially developed diamond, silicon and porcelain brushes were used. Depending on the contamination and type of natural stone the right hardness and the appropriate grain of the brush is very important. Alternatively, the Finalit StoneCare team also worked with a special low-pressure sandblasting process.